Machine Operator - Pridgeon & Clay

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Machine Operator - Pridgeon & Clay

Grand Rapids, Michigan




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Jobs working at PRIDGEON & CLAY! Requires at least 3 months experience running a production machine of some kind (Operating any kind of production machine - metal, plastic, injection molding, fiberglass, wood, paper, corrugated, presses, grinders, spot welders... really any kind!). Duties may include operating grinders, spot welders, small stamping presses, automatic presses, sorting and packing parts, stacking parts, assembling parts...

  • Pay is $12 per hour to start with a nice increase at hire-in
  • These are on a busline.
  • We get openings on all 3 shifts - current openings are on 3rd shift
  • Everyone must train 1-2 weeks on 1st shift.
  • Felony convictions will be looked at on an individual basis.
  • Drug test required.
  • Steel-toed shoes or boots required.
  • Temp to hire in.
  • Pay may change when hired permanent and will be based on the hire in job. (Most see a nice increase)

Apply at Peoplemark 9am-3pm Monday - Friday.

Located: 3949 Sparks Dr SE, Suite 110, Grand Rapids, 49546.

When you apply be sure to bring proper ID's for employment such as you picture id and your social security card or birth certificate. Call (616) 245-6161 if any questions.

Peoplemark is an equal opportunity employer.

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