Machine Repair

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Machine Repair

Grand Rapids, Michigan




Job Description

TITLE: Machine Repair

REPORTS TO: Mfg. Engineering & Maintenance Manager

POSITION SUMMARY: Installs, moves, and repairs plant machinery and equipment.


• Installs new equipment; unloads machines or un-assembles parts of machinery from trucks.

• Trouble shoots and repairs machinery and equipment; dismantles machine, equipment, and accessories until parts to be repaired or replaced are accessible, repairs or replaces part or parts, reassembles, and makes sure that machine or equipment is operating properly.

• Moves machinery and equipment; dismantles as is necessary; uses jacks, wooden blocking, rollers, cranes, gin poles, power or hand trucks, crowbars, and other equipment and tools to remove machinery from its foundation, transfers to new location and positions on new foundation; reassembles and prepares it for proper operation.

• Removes and dismantles machinery and equipment designated for salvage; salvaging parts that can be used.

• Lays out and fabricates such equipment as racks, benches, stands, and jigs and fixtures to be used in completing an assigned job.

• Lubricates and greases machinery and equipment; adjusts and repairs machines and equipment, including automatic and mechanical lubricating devices.

• Assists in the instruction and training of apprentices or others as delegated by the supervisor.

• Performs MIG and TIG welding.

• Other duties as assigned.


• High School Diploma or GED

• 5+ years of experience

• Must have completed a planned apprenticeship program or its equivalent in planned courses and experience, Journeyman’s card


• Basic computer knowledge.

• Must be thoroughly familiar with all types of plant equipment, able to read and interpret blueprints, and skilled in the use of rigging and equipment and moving heavy objects.

• Must be able to use micrometers and other measuring instruments and devices accurately.

• Must be self-reliant, able to work out the solution to a variety of individual mechanical problems, and capable of using good judgement.

• Must be familiar with plant layout and sources of power and must be of sufficient size and strength to handle the equipment.

• Ability to work regular schedules set forth by the Management team.


• Standing for entire shift.

• Able to lift up to 40 pounds.

• Able to twist, bend, stoop as needed.

• Work is dirty and greasy due to presence of grease and dirt on machinery & equipment. Exposed to hazards in the handling and moving of heavy machinery and equipment and falling from ladders and scaffolding.

• Safety shoes are required.

• Safety glasses are required.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $23.00 per hour















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